Advance Order!! Signed Collector Edition, Guy Martin 'Dead Men don't tell tales' - Hardback book!

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Book released on 27th October, reserve your signed copy now!!!

Limited Edition version, written and signed by Guy!!

In Guy's own words, what he's been upto in the last four years, from trying to reach 300mph on his shed built motorbike, jumping out of planes with WW2 parachutes, restoring, racing, Steve McQueen jumps, fatherhood, dogs, cars, Japan masters, trucks in for service, farming is the new love, oh and he's been on telly a few times since!

Guy designed this limited Edition cover, its simple and would look trick on any book shelf, its all about the words within it.

Truth is, Guy isn't a fan of photos of himself but you can't have a blank cover in Wh Smiths, so the publisher version is what you see in the shops - Guy on the front looking a mix of hard and keen to get on with something else.

This version, the Proper Edition, is signed by Guy and comes with a black cover, with a few clever details too.

Sorry the books can't be personalised, they're all signed now and Guy's back under a lorry!

Please note that if you order this book with other items, ALL will arrive with the book, due to one postage charge.

Thanks for the support as always!

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