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Guy Martin How Britain Worked DVD


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How Britain Works

Each episode of this 6 part series focuses on the jobs of the Industrial Revolution's unsung heroes - the ordinary men, women and children who worked 14 hour days for little pay to create extraordinary things that changed the country forever.

Guy Martin celebrates the workers of the Industrial Revolution by helping to restore some of the 19th century's most impressive engineering achievements including:-


Episode 1 RAILWAYS

Guy helps to overhaul a steam locomotive used on the popular Severn Valley Railway, a 16-mile stretch of track in Shropshire preserved to look just as it did in the 19th century

Episode 2 MILL

Guy works to get a Yorkshire saw mill up and running again, and then use it to make a replica of one of the less-celebrated inventions of the Victorian era: the first pedal-powered bicycle

Episode 3 SEASIDE

The great British seaside holiday was a largely Victorian invention. Guy visits Llandudno to help get this Queen of Victorian resorts up to scratch in time for the summer season.

Episode 4 MINE

In this edition Guy's project is the first piston engine ever built. The Newcomen Beam Engine was the first practical device to harness the power of steam and kick-started the Industrial Revolution.

Episode 5 TRAWLER

Guy helps restore the oldest surviving Brixham sailing trawler, the boat that launched the modern fishing industry and transformed the way a nation ate

Episode 6 PARK

Birmingham Botanical Gardens may seem an unlikely place to explore the wonders of the Industrial Revolution, but behind its fragrant borders Guy Martin finds a hidden world of Victorian engineering


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